Luvo Track Spotlight
Luvo Track Spotlight
Luvo Track Spotlight
Luvo Track Spotlight
Luvo Track Spotlight
Luvo Track Spotlight

Luvo Track Spotlight

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The Luvo Track Spotlight from Forlight is a versatile and elegant solution for illuminating a variety of interior spaces with efficiency and style. With a simple white design, this directional spotlight easily adapts to any aesthetic, making it an ideal choice for hallways, dressing rooms, wardrobes, living rooms or kitchens.

Luvo features a practical and simple design in white, allowing it to blend harmoniously into a variety of modern environments and decorative styles, such as minimalist, Nordic and industrial. The directional capability of the spotlight allows the light to be directed in a focused manner, providing the ability to highlight specific areas or create directional lighting moods.

Designed to be compatible with three-phase track, ensuring a simple and safe installation. Luvo is compatible with GU10 sockets, making it easy to replace the light source when necessary. With a total power consumption of 8W, Luvo provides a warm and comfortable light with a colour temperature of 3000 K, creating a cosy atmosphere in any space.

This track spotlight is specifically designed for indoor use, offering an efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting solution for various domestic or commercial environments.

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